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Cosy Nook, Port Erin


Kishtey Çheh is a traditional wood fired sauna located at the Cosy Nook, Port Erin.

Our calendar is released 4-7 days in advance.

Booking Calendar

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Want to privately hire our sauna?

Get in touch and we'll be more than happy to accommodate.

Festive Bookings


Whether it's for corporate Christmas parties, family activities or to get together over the festive period we can craft a sauna package to suit you.

We are now taking advanced bookings for the festive period ahead of the full calendar being released.

Why is sea dipping and Sauna good for you?

Not only does the process of repeatedly dipping in the sea and using our sauna feel amazing and give you an unbeatable natural high, it also has some long lasting and potentially profound health benefits...


Cognative Benefits

A comprehensive study found those who sauna bathed 4-7 times weekly were 66% less likely to develop dementia and 65% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s compared to those who did not.

Healthy Heart

Studies have found frequesnt sauna users lower their risk of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke. As well as helping with a host of none vascular conditions.

Mental Health

Sea swimming and sauna use have separately been proven to dramatically improve mental health wellbeing. Combine them into one big pot of endorphins, dopamine, community, exercise and mindfulness and the results are profound.

And so much more...

How does a session at Kishtey Çheh sauna work?

  • Kishtey Cheh is a manned sauna, we’ll always have someone looking after everything for you.

  • Sessions in the sauna last either 30 minutes or an hour.

  • You can use the toilets to get changed, we also have a semi-private area to the side of the sauna - DryRobes or changing robes are recommended.

  • Please bring a towel to sit on whilst you're in the sauna.

  • We have a fresh water cold shower & plunge pool so you can rinse the sea water off after your session, or to use if going in the sea isn't for you.

  • By default our sessions are social, so you’ll be using the sauna with other users. You can privately hire the sauna if you’d like to share it with friends or family.



Sauna FAQ's

  • Who can use the Kishtey Çheh sauna?
    Anyone over the age of 16 can use the sauna, please consult with your doctor before using any sauna if you have underlying medical conditions or are pregnant.
  • When can I use the Kishtey Çheh sauna?
    Please check our bookings for available sessions. We optimise many of our opening times to match with the best tides - if you want a session @ high water please check tides and match up with the nearest slot.
  • Is there accessible parking for the Kishtey Çheh sauna?
    Yes there is, we are based on Shore road, Port Erin - with ample nearby parking. During busy periods during summer these spaces fill up fast and you may need to park away from the sea front, so please take this into consideration.
  • How accessible is the Kishtey Çheh sauna for disabled users?
    Due to the mobile nature of the sauna and it's raised elevation there are five steps that need to be climbed in order to enter the sauna. We have a hand rail for increased support and we endeavor to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the experience. If you're concerned you may have accessibility issues please call us on +44 7624 240905 and we would be more than happy to discuss how the sauna operator can assist with any accessibility requirements.
  • Are there nearby facilities?
    Over the road there are public toilets which are easy to access. We provide drinking water if you bring your own drinking container, as well as a fresh water shower so you can rinse off after your visit should you wish. Near to the sauna there are many opportunities to grab some refreshments such as ice cream, coffee, sandwiches and snacks.
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